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Inscribed light? Light allows vision, carves space, paints atmosphere and mood. I can 75 inscribe that  light on film, on digital sensors, on photo paper, on projection screens. I’m written upon by what I experience. With the right tools, some artistic luck, patience and a bit of craft, I can pass the inscription to you.

Ansel Adams, a master of light, noted in his book Natural Light Photography ( Morgan and Morgan, 1952) that “Light, to the accomplished photographer, is as much an actuality as is substance such as rock or flesh; it is an element to be evaluated and interpreted .” (v) Then Adams enumerated light’s taxonomy: Intensity, Incident Light, Reflectance, Luminance, Brightness, Brilliancy, Transmission, Opacity, Density and Gamma. (vii) The tools for inscription are complex.

Photographer Ruth Bernhardt, writing in Amphoto’s The Spirit of Place ( @ 2000 by Bob Krist) is quoted as saying, “My quest, through the magic of light and shadow, is to isolate, to simplify and give emphasis to form with the greatest clarity.”

To which I would respectfully add: …so it can be inscribed.

…the photographs:

All the photographs on this site have been  lightly processed using Adobe Lightroom Software.   They were taken with Nikon, Canon and Panasonic digital cameras; a few photographs have been scanned from film, again shot Nikon and Canon equipment.  Any pictures that have received unusual manipulation via other software are in Galleries so noted.

…the writing:

The articles: Clarity, color, appeal to the senses, close focus and integrity- not so different from photography, really. The poems and stories: Are for the wreader’s engagement.

…the photographer & writer:

DC Bradburd photographs and writes to record how he experiences the world. He welcomes your interest in what he sees. He currently teaches and practices in Georgia. You can contact him at db@inscribedlight.com or through the website contact page HERE:

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