“When the mind, eye and camera are allowed to synchronize naturally, one sees clearly….The path of contemplative photography provokes the discovery of clear seeing and cultivates our capacity to give artistic expression to visual experience.” (Wood & McQuade, Looking and Seeing: A Contemplative Photography Sourcebook, 1986,1992;1).

Miksang is the Tibetan word for ‘Good Eye.’ The term is used today for explorations into contemplative photography, a concept attributable to the Dharma Art teachings of the meditation master, artist  and scholar Chögyam Trungpa. Miksang practice joins heart, mind, eye and camera to see and record meditatively, clearly, and effortlessly so as to truly discover the beauty and balance that we might otherwise pass over. Two primary sources are available for further explanation or study: Miksang Contemplative Photography ( http://www.miksang.com )  and Nalanda Miksang Society for Contemplative Photography (http://www.miksang.org). Also available to peruse if you join is the Miksang Photo Pool at https://www.flickr.com/groups/miksang/.

When and how the ‘Good Eye’ affects photography beyond the realm of specific Miksang practice is a subject worth its own gentle contemplation.

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