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To be fair, these pictures are seven years old, and the people in them have aged and changed, the streets have altered. Construction, even a remodeled and expanded airport , has continued to come to Fez. These Fez galleries then, especially the street photographs, are a time capsule of what I saw, and I make no claim that they depict the current Medina. Nor do I know they don’t,  as I haven’t been back since.

Trip Advisor just listed Marrakech as the Number One Traveler’s Choice Destination for 2015. Fez, some 250 miles away, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a medieval medina, a place of religious history, a place with Riads and Dars that accommodate travelers in beauty only short blocks from the dust and vibrancy of the old souks, only blocks away from the Medina gates where roads lead into the modern city.

I leaned many things here: Life can be elemental and graceful at the same time, people are dependent on the earth and the animals thereof, language barriers can be crossed by gesture, and hard-working people carve meaningful lives out of the traditions they embrace and the dynamic of the places they inhabit. I think those are worthy discoveries to carry home to a world full of cyber attachment and digital realities.

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